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November 2019
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Steps of Booking Appointment

Step 1: Open Browser then type or Click on the link Then the Home page will Appear.

Step 2: Click On Book Appointment Button(In Red Colour) located at right corner.

Step 3: A Calender will Appear. Now, You have to select a date on Calender  for the appointment. Then a Dialogue box with appropriate Time Slot will Apppear.

Step 4: Select the time slot for which you are available and click on Book appointment Button.

Note: Time slot which is not active is occupied kindly select different time slot.

Step 5:  Request an Appointment dialogue box will Appear, their you have to add First Name, Last Name, Email-Id, Phone Number, explain your problem, add your previous report in PDF/JPEG/DOC format(if any), you have to select the package related to different service and click on request Appointment.

Step 6: After click on Request Appointment, it will take you to the payment gateway page where you have to pay via certain options.

Step 7: After Payment,you will get a message that your request is pending.

Step 8: You Will get can Email when the request will be accepted by Drbhushans Executives for the Confirmation of  Appointment Booked.

Step 9: Its All Done now you will receive the reminder emails one or 2 days prior and you have attend the appointment.

Video for Better Understanding

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