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Permanent cure

Prevents recurrence of Kidney Stones

100% natural

cure for kidney stone

No side effects

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Dr Bhushan


Amazing Pain Relief .!!

Up to 18 mm Stones Treated .!!

No Surgery .!! 100% Safe Cure .!!

Your Money Saved in Thousands .!!


Pain-Relief Begins from the First Dose …

Lithotriptic and Anti-lithiatic Action helps dissolve Kidney Stones

Cleanse up & Flush out Stone Particles ..

Helps Protect Kidneys from Damages

Helps Prevent Kidney-Stone-Recurrence-Episodes


Dr. (Mrs.) Kirti Bhushan represents an ingrained specialist in Homeopathy and its healing methodologies. Along with her vast clinical experience, her exposure to Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia Laboratory, Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India further adds to her expertise in delivering symptomatic relief to patients. She has successfully treated innumerable patients with unique one-shot “KIDNEY STONE TREATMENT” where the patient gets prompt relief from unbearable Kidney Stone Pain in a very short time. It’s truly a milestone achievement in “NON-SURGICAL” treatment of Kidney Stones.

In order to provide the benefit of highly successful “KIDNEY STONE TREATMENT” to the suffering people in India and abroad, we have tied up with renowned delivery partners like DHL, FEDEX etc. so that the medicines are couriered to the patients in time and the need for surgical operation is avoided.

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If you wish for natural recovery, we would recommend you undergo homeopathy treatment for kidney stones. Book your appointment with your homeopathy renal specialist if you experience

Severe pain that you can't sit still in a certain position

Pain with nausea and vomiting!

Blood in urine

Difficulty in passing urine


Dr. Kirti Bhushan is renowned for amazing homeopathic treatment and comprehensive care that is provided to every patient. The Treatment is based on the principles of Homeopathy natural healing. The key benefits are -

Amazing Pain Relief .!!

Up to 18 mm Stones Treated .!!

No Surgery .!! 100% Safe Cure .!!

Your Money Saved in Thousands .!!

It’s a known fact that kidney stones problem has gone up multifolds because of many reasons. Main causes being our life style and food habits. The increase in kidney stone cases prompted the need to find effective solutions. Dr. Kirti Bhushan, out of her years of research and experience developed an advanced & precise composition of natural ingredients that has proven to be highly successful in treating of kidney stone cases. It is a highly effective kidney cleanse treatment designed to target kidney stones & support urinary tract and kidney health.

The onset of relief from severe pain begins as soon as the first dose goes in. The all natural and powerful ingredients relieve the kidney stone discomfort very fast. Most people report relief from excruciating pain within ½ an hour of taking first dose and start feeling better quickly. That’s why Dr. Bhushan’s Kidney Stone Treatment is regarded as the Most Trusted Kidney Stone Expulsion Treatment for Effective, Reliable and Fast Management of Kidney Stone Disease.

Berberis Vulgaris Q- Helps in dissolving kidney stones and mitigating abdominal pain.

Hydrangea Arborescens Q- Helps increases urination frequency to remove kidney stones.

Sarsaparilla- Helps in passing out the small stones particles and gravel through urine.

Pareira Brava- It is useful in treating pain in the kidneys due to the formation of stones.

Ocimum can- It assists in the treatment of kidney stones and cramp pain due to the stones

Senecio aureus- Indicated in renal colic; irritable bladder; nephritis with constant urging to urinate and tenesmus.

Cantharis 30- Helps relieve burning sensation while urinating due to kidney stone,

Lycopodium 30- Very useful in dissolving the kidney stones.

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