Hair Care

Applying The Core Principles Of Homeopathy, We at Dr. Bhushan’s ProLife Homeopathy Offer Proven Therapy For Effective treatment Of deteriorating Hair Care Conditions.

Hair Loss alludes to “Loss of hair from the Scalp”. It is normal to lose some amount (50-100 strands) of hair each day as a part of the cycle of growing and shedding of hair. However, it becomes a reason for concern when the hair loss is in abundance.

Why Choose Dr. Bhushan’s ProLife Homeopathy ?

Dr. Bhushan’s ProLife Homeopathy has earned a respectful presence in the heritage city of Ahmedabad. We are known for our diligence and work ethics for delivering positive results. The aspects of our services that stand us apart are as follows:

  • Pro-active results in hair re-growth
  • The use of high quality medicine regimen of renowned German/Indian origin.
  • Customized treatment plan as per individual patient constitution
  • Customized diet chart to hasten the positive revival process
  • Comfortable and friendly treatment approach

Dr. Bhushan’s ProLife Homeopathy Offers Exclusive Therapeutic Solutions To Ensure ProActive Medicinal Response for Restoration Of Natural Hair Regrowth.

Procedure of Consultation at Dr.Bhushan’s ProLife Homeopathy

Medical Assessment: In the first consultation, the doctor evaluates the degree and root cause of the hair loss. Based on the in-depth diagnosis of the hair loss, the doctor recommends a customized treatment plan. Accordingly medicinal regimen is prescribed for bringing about anticipated patient response. Dr.Bhushan’s pursues a coordinated methodology combining homeopathic medicine, nutritional supplements and aesthetic treatment to bring the best outcomes to its patients.

Homeopathic treatment for all hair conditions

There are 5 advantages of homeopathic treatment for hair loss:

  • It treats the symptoms of hair loss and also its root cause, which can be a hidden sickness like thyroid issue, diabetes mellitus, anaemia, polycystic ovarian syndrome or even physical and emotional stress.
  • It does not cause harmful side effects such which normally happen with the use of traditional medications used for hair fall treatment. Homeopathic remedies for hair fall have been used to treat hair loss for more than 100 years.
  • It helps to strengthen the hair roots, naturally and without any side effects.
  • It helps to regulate the hormonal irregularity, holds the hair fall and improves recovery time with positive outcomes.
  • It halts weakening and hairlessness syndrome, improves blood circulation underneath the hair roots.

At Dr. Bhushan’s ProLife Homeopathy, Distinctive Analytical Approach Is Applied As Per Individual Patient Constitition To Bring Forth The Positive Patient Response In A Visibly Shorter Period Of Time.

Excessive hair loss can be determined by symptoms like:

  • Abundance hair shedding
  • Retreating hair line
  • Overall thinning of hair
  • Widening of partition and a thin pony tail in ladies
  • Partial hairlessness and M-shaped hair line in men
  • Losing hair from the back of the head or the crown area
  • Hair loss in patches

Hair loss is a result of different causes like:

  • Heredity
  • Anemia
  • Dietary insufficiency
  • Medical disorders like Thyroid Disorders, Diabetes and PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Immune system issue
  • Dandruff
  • Scalp Psoriasis
  • Excessive dryness or oiliness of the scalp
  • Trichotillomania

It therefore requires a personalized method for treatment. To treat hair loss effectively, one has to go to the root of the problem. The selection of hair loss treatment depends on diagnosing the precise reason of hair loss, extent of hair loss, the grade of hairlessness and condition of the hair and scalp.


Amongst various hair loss conditions, these basic ones are:

  • Scalp Psoriasis: This is characterized by the chipping of the scalp where one can see visible red patches of skin secured with thick, silvery white scales often connected with itching.Seborrhoeic Dermatitis: Ordinarily known as dandruff, it is a scaly skin issue of the scalp. It is a very basic scalp condition that affects up to 40% of the population worldwide despite the fact that it is comparatively harmless; research shows that dandruff can alter the hair cycle causing hair loss.Trichotillomania: In Trichotillomania, the hair does not drop out on its own; it is pulled out by the patient in response to an emotional pressure.  Similarly as certain individuals tend bite their fingernails or prick their skin when stressed, patients of trichotillomania wind up pulling their own hair out.Alopecia: It is a medical term used to describe the hair fall or hair loss. It refers to hair loss from any part of the body for any reason. There are several kinds of Alopecia. Multiple causes are responsible for the alopecia. Hair carries a great cosmetic value as it is one of the significant features to one’s general appearance and personality.Homoeopathy treats the cases of alopecia in most excellent and natural way.

    Types of Alopecia are:

    Alopecia areata: It is Immune System condition which causes patchy hair loss and this leads to patchy baldness or extensive patchy hair loss

     Alopecia totalis: It is further developed type of alopecia areata which leads to total loss of all hair from the scalp

    Alopecia universalis: This is the most advanced form of alopecia areata which causes total hair loss from all the parts of body including eyelashes and eyebrows

    Androgenetic alopecia: Also known as male pattern or female pattern baldness. This is thought to be hereditary form of hair loss and the most common type of progressive hair loss,

    Alopecia barbae: This alopecia is restricted to the facial hair zone

    Anagen effluvium: Use of specific medications especially the chemicals generally used to treat the cancers cause hair loss.

    Telogen effluvium: This form causes general thinning of the hair. This generally occurs because of life stress, diets, surgery, pregnancy, medication use.


    Causes of Alopecia

    There are a wide range of causes for alopecia, these can include allergies, irritants, toxins, poisons, burns, injuries and infections, certain use of medications like steroids, certain therapy like chemotherapy, radiation can cause hair to fall out, Thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances, and iron deficiency anemia can cause the hair loss.