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The philosophy of homeopathy tells us that the symptoms of a disease are the guideposts to let us know if there is something wrong deep within and in need of correction. It focuses on the whole person rather than just treating symptoms or ‘disease labels’. Homeopathy aims to treat the root cause of a problem, not just mask the symptoms.Homeopathy is based on the principle of ‘like cures like’. It treats illness or disease by the administration of minute doses of a remedy that would produce symptoms similar to those of the disease in healthy people.

No, homeopathic medicines do not cause any side-effects. Homeopathy is a natural, safe as well as effective method of healing. Homeopathic medicines are made from natural sources like plants and minerals, thus causing no side-effects, even if you take them throughout your lifetime. They are absolutely non-toxic and non-habit forming, and the cure is safe and sure.

With the right homeopathic remedy, symptoms might rarely get aggravated before the patient is cured. However, during the healing process, the strengthening of the body’s defence mechanism may sometimes cause the symptoms to worsen temporarily. This is a good sign that indicates the homeopathic medicine is working appropriately. Usually, such symptoms last only for a few hours to a few days, except for chronic cases where symptoms might last a bit longer.

Furthermore, most patients opt for homeopathic treatment only when other treatment methods like allopathy fail to provide relief. Allopathy believes in suppressing symptoms. Therefore, some cases might see an aggravation of symptoms as a result of past suppressive treatments that have pushed the disease into a deeper layer of the body.

Yes, homeopathy can complement allopathic treatment.
If you have been taking allopathic medication for a long time, it is not advisable to stop immediately. In such cases, your homeopathic doctor will advise you to start homeopathic treatment alongside allopathy. As your condition improves, you may reduce the consumption of allopathic medicines gradually.
Clinical evidence shows that conventional medicine and homeopathy work well together in treating certain disorders. One such research was conducted in Athens to check the compatibility of homeopathic and allopathic medicines in controlling diabetes. It was found that a group treated only with conventional medicine showed 47% improvement, while the one treated with allopathic and homeopathic medicine together showed an impressive 97% improvement.

No. The Clinic usually puts generous amounts of the liquid with the globules. The globules are moist and some free liquid is also seen in the vials in the beginning. The liquid gets absorbed by the globules and some of it evaporates. This does not effect the efficacy of the medicines.

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Currently, I am undertaking treatment from Dr. Bhushan, who is highly professional,a true listener of the pain of her patients, understand the exact counter-measures for the root cause for her patients pain, and providing very cost effective medicine for remedy. Also I recommend Dr. Bhushan, SOBO Centre,Bopal, Ahmadabad for easy accessible clinic location and her accessibility over cell phone.
Reena Navin
Dr. (Mrs.) Kirti Bhushan provides a safe, understanding, sympathetic practice and always accompanies her treatment with standard western treatment suggestions in addition to Homeopathic recommendations. Her manner is calm, positive, thorough, attentive, flexible and personal. Seriously, She is the first Doctor I have ever had that concentrated on wellness of patient as well as their relatives. I would give 6 Stars if Google had them!
Fenil Parekh
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